Nu2u – Preloved St George’s Academy Uniform

St George's Academy

What’s it all about?
We are basically selling on parents’ behalf any good reusable St Georges Academy uniform. We wanted to create a ‘one stop shop’ for anyone looking for a perfectly good SGA ‘preloved’ uniform.

This initiative has three main objectives.

  • Helping those who may be struggling to buy new items all the time
  • Repurposing uniforms will help reduce clothing going into landfill
  • Make it easier the parents selling their unwanted items

We are only taking the items listed below

  • Boys & girls KS3 & KS4 new style blazers
  • Long sleeve PE shirt
  • Skirts
  • Ties

We are not currently taking anything other than listed above.

How it works

Bring in your unwanted uniform where we will grade the items according to condition and agree to a selling price between us, this will include a percentage of commission, this will generally be 33%.

We will display your garments in our shop, and market them around social media to get them sold as quickly as possible. Once sold you will be notified so you can come & collect your money.

The goods remain yours until sold and you are welcome to take them back at any time.